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LG G6 Release Date Info And All You Need To Know About It

The LG G6 will be the next installment from the increasingly popular premium LG smartphone series, and the 6th edition will be the very best. Each year, LG has done a great job gaining respect within an extremely competitive industry, and from what we’re already hearing on the G6 it’ll be one well worth waiting for.  Since the launch of the LG G4, the entire concept has changed that has helped the series compete with the likes of all the big players including Samsung, HTC, and Apple. LG is hoping the LG G6 will further them into being one of the best smartphones 2017, and with all the innovations that are looking to be packed in it surely will be. The many changes in store looks to enhance the on-board power, speed, precision, memory, and will be adding something new for those looking for the very best. The following preview takes an in-depth look at the upcoming LG G6 rumors, specs, features, concept, price, preorders, and release date info for the 2017 launch.


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Xiaomi Mi5s VS Xiaomi Mi5S Plus

In the 2:00 afternoon of September 27th, Xiaomi held a new conference in the fall of the National Conference Center, Xiaomi Mi5s/ Xiaomi Mi5S Plus two new machines as the protagonist of this conference no doubt become the focus of attention. Prior to the warm-up activities, Xiaomi has released a new product has a capacitive fingerprint identification, dual camera, the new technology and the new appearance of the performance. So Xiaomi Mi5s VS Xiaomi Mi5s Plus what are the new black technology it? Let’s have a look at it! Well,  appearance is not the same – no Logo positive, ceramic glass change metal Although the overall design style has not changed, but the appearance of Xiaomi Mi5s VS Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is different from Xiaomi Mi5. The new Xiaomi Mi5 Plus uses a 5.7 inch 1080P screen, in addition, Xiaomi Mi5s VS Xiaomi Mi5S Plus front are replaced by 2.5D glass screen, either visual or hand holding are much better than Xiaomi mi5. Two mobile phones also canceled the fro

Nokia to make a comeback with 3 new Android smartphones.

Making a grand (hopefully) comeback this year, Nokia is speculated to launch three new Android smartphones. As per reports, two of them would be high-end, and one would be a mid-range. The iconic smartphone brand Nokia is gearing up to revive its dead kingdom in the smartphone market. Reportedly, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer is re-entering the market with three new Android-based smartphones by the end of this year, which will include two high-end smartphones and a mid-range one. Nokia has not revealed any specifications or details about the new smartphones, but the ongoing speculations have revealed quite a bit about them. Two weeks ago, we came across a mysterious (and awkwardly monikered) Nokia D1C, which was spotted on Geekbench. The listing revealed some details about the upcoming smartphone. Post that, last week as well, someone managed to run the smartphone on AnTuTu benchmarking app, revealing rest of its specifications and features. The Nokia smartphone in question carri

Nokia’s new Android 7.0 Nougat smartphone shows up on AnTuTu benchmark!

New Nokia D1C smartphone running Android 7.0 shows up on AnTuTu benchmark App. For all those who are eagerly waiting for Nokia’s Android smartphone foray, we have good news for you. The Nokia Android smartphones could arrive as early as November 2016, if the reports are to be believed. We had earlier reported about the new Nokia smartphone being benchmarked on GeekBench that suggested that an Android-powered device dubbed the Nokia D1C is in the works. Now we can confirm that Nokia D1C running on Android 7.0 Nougat is indeed being tested and will probably be available to buyers as early as next month. Nokia has been looking to make a comeback is well known as reported here about how Nokia is planning a comeback to the market with not one but two Android smartphones. Ever since we had reported on the leaked press renders of the new Nokia smartphones, we have been inundated by messages, both here and our social media for further news about Nokia’s forthcoming Android smartphones

NBA 2K17 Apk v1.0.0.581 for Android

NBA 2K17 is a Sports Game for Android. he NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K15, our most true-to-life NBA experience yet on mobile. Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant and an eclectic soundtrack curated by internationally-renowned artist and producer Pharrell Williams, NBA 2K15 hits the court with vastly improved graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. An authentic NBA adventure awaits! It’s up to you to claim your destiny. #YourTimeHasCome. Features: • Significantly improved graphics including updates to arenas, player models, player animations, and more! • Enjoy Quick Game mode with improved gameplay. • Full MyCAREER mode with expanded features and options. • New controller support and virtual controller sizing which allows you to select from 3 pre-set sizes. Download last version NBA 2K17 apk for android from Zerosapk download links. Download:  MEGA NBA 2K17 Apk